§ 100.06 APPEAL.
   An owner to whom a notice to disconnect or deactivate an alarm system is mailed pursuant to § 100.05 shall be entitled to appeal the order of the enforcement official to the Town Manager. An appeal must be in writing and must be delivered to the Town Manager no later than five days prior to the date disconnection or deactivation is to occur. The appeal must state the reasons why the order to disconnect or deactivate should be withdrawn. Upon receipt of an appeal in proper form, the Town Manager may schedule a hearing at which time the owner and enforcement official shall appear. The Town Manager is authorized to waive a hearing and to make a decision based on the written appeal from the owner and information provided by the enforcement official. The Town Manager is authorized to reverse the decision of the enforcement official if the Manager determines that the revocation was based on circumstances beyond the control of the owner, that medical necessity or other reasons justify reinstatement of the permit or that justice will be best served by reinstatement of the permit. The decision of the Town Manager in this matter shall be final. The Town Manager shall notify the owner of his/her decision in writing by mailing a copy of the decision by first class mail addressed to the owner at the address provided on the permit application in accordance with § 100.03. If the Manager affirms the order to disconnect or deactivate an alarm system, the owner shall have 10 days from the date of the Manager's decision within which to comply with the order. The appeal of an order to disconnect or deactivate shall suspend the effective date of the order until the appeal has been acted upon by the Town Manager.
(Ord. 1254, passed 8-17-95)