99.01   Assembling on sidewalks
   99.02   Display of goods
   99.03   Obstructing streets and sidewalks
   99.04   Construction near sidewalk
   99.05   Awnings, sheds, and posts
   99.06   Throwing or burning trash prohibited
   99.07   Depositing sand, tree trimmings on streets prohibited
   99.08   Snow and ice removal
   99.09   Playing ball on sidewalk; prohibited
   99.10   Excavation on streets; permit required
   99.11   Safety precautions
   99.12   Sidewalk construction; permit required
   99.13   Repair after excavation
   99.14   Injuring street with machines or tools; prohibited
   99.15   Injuring and obstructing bridges, culverts, and the like
   99.16   Injuring lights, signs, and the like
   99.17   General conditions for use of right-of-way
   99.18   Permit required
   99.19   Application requirements
   99.20   Additional requirements for wireless support structures, wireless communications facilities, and any other wireless communication facility, small wireless facility or micro wireless facilities
   99.21   Enforcement provisions
   99.22   Definitions
Statutory reference:
   Control over municipal streets, see G.S. § 160A-296