(A)   No alarm system shall be installed in any structure or location within the town without the Alarm Company installing such system first acquiring a permit in accordance with the provisions of this section.
   (B)   Permits shall be issued by the Town Manager or his designee upon completion of forms providing the information as specified below and payment of a fee of $25. No fee shall be charged for alarm systems in existence on the date of adoption of this chapter provided that the owner submits to the town the following information within 180 days of the date of adoption of this subchapter:
      (1)   Name and address of owner;
      (2)   Owner's home and business telephone numbers;
      (3)   The name, address and telephone number of at least three persons that may be contacted and who are available to respond to an alarm activation at the owner's property within 30 minutes of the alarm activation if the owner is not available;
      (4)   The name, address and telephone number of any alarm company that is charged with notifying the proper authorities of the existence of an alarm activation on the owner's premises; and
      (5)   The date on which the alarm system became or becomes active.
   (C)   The owner shall notify the town of any changes in the information as specified in the preceding section within 30 days of the date of such change.
   (D)   In the event information provided by the owner in connection with securing the permit is found to be false, the permit may be revoked in accordance with the provisions of § 100.06 hereinafter.
   (E) Each alarm system installed within the town from and after the date of this chapter shall be "UL" approved and the owner shall be required to provide evidence satisfactory to the town that the system is so approved.
(Ord. 1254, passed 8-17-95; Am. Ord. 1342, passed 7-29-99) Penalty, see § 100.99