71.01   Stopping; through streets
   71.02   Stopping; certain intersections
   71.03   Stopping when traffic obstructed
   71.04   One-way streets
   71.05   Driving through funeral processions
   71.06   Left turns at certain intersections
   71.07   No right- or left-turn streets
   71.08   "U" turns restricted
   71.09   Backing a vehicle
   71.10   Emerging from alley or private driveway
   71.11   Driving on sidewalk prohibited
   71.12   Riding coasters, roller skates, and skateboards; restricted
   71.13   Moving cars from parked position
   71.14   Driving within designated traffic lanes
   71.15   Boarding or alighting from vehicles
   71.16   Riding on vehicles not designed for passenger use
   71.17   Entering or jumping on vehicles without permission
   71.18   Persons required to stay inside vehicles
   71.19   Limit of three persons in front seat
   71.20   Right turn on red
   71.21   Definition of truck
   71.22   Trucks prohibited on certain streets
   Traffic schedules, see Ch. 75
Statutory reference:
   Operation of vehicles and rules of the road, see G.S. § 20-138 et seq.