(A)   No sign shall be attached to trees or utility poles.
   (B)   No sign shall be placed in a public right-of-way, and no sign shall overhang the public right-of-way except in the B-2 Zoning District in conformance with § 153.20(C).
   (C)   No sign shall be installed which by reason of position, movement, shape, illumination or color would constitute a traffic hazard by obstructing a driver's vision or by interfering, confusing or misleading traffic.
   (D)   Roof signs.
   (E)   Painted wall signs.
   (F)   All other signs not expressly permitted by this chapter are prohibited.
(Ord. 857, passed 3-9-98; Am. Ord. 993, passed 9-25-06)  Penalty, see § 153.99