(A)   Except as in this chapter specifically provided, no structure shall be erected, converted, enlarged, reconstructed, or altered, and no structure or land shall be used, for any purpose nor in any manner which is not in conformity with this chapter.
   (B)   No adult oriented business shall engage in any activity or conduct or permit any other person to engage in any activity or conduct in or about the establishment which is prohibited by any ordinance of the city, the laws of the state, or the United States of America. Nothing in this chapter shall be
construed as authorizing or permitting conduct which is prohibited or regulated by other statutes or ordinances, including but not limited to statutes or ordinances prohibiting the exhibition, sale, or distribution of obscene material generally, or the exhibition, sale or distribution of specified materials to minors.
(Ord. 828, passed 2-10-97)  Penalty, see § 112.99