The following uses may be allowed as conditional uses following the standards and procedures set forth in § 152.093 and further subject to the standards set forth in § 152.033, if otherwise allowed in the underlying zoning district or any applicable overlay district.
   (A)   Structures accessory to the uses listed in § 152.030 and the following uses.
   (B)   Extraction and storage of sand, gravel, and other materials.
   (C)   Marinas, boat rentals, docks, piers, wharves, and water control structures.
   (D)   Storage yards for equipment, machinery, or materials.
   (E)   Placement of fill or construction of fences that obstruct flood flows. Farm fences, as defined in § 152.018, are permitted uses.
   (F)   Road-ready recreational vehicles meeting the exception standards in § 152.082.
   (G)   Levees or dikes intended to protect agricultural crops for a frequency flood event equal to or less than the 10-year frequency flood event.
(Ord. 1079, passed 4-14-14)