§ 152.030  PERMITTED USES.
   The following uses, subject to the standards set forth in § 152.032, are permitted uses if otherwise allowed in the underlying zoning district or any applicable overlay district:
   (A)   General farming, pasture, grazing, outdoor plant nurseries, horticulture, truck farming, forestry, sod farming, and wild crop harvesting.
   (B)   Industrial-commercial loading areas, parking areas, and airport landing strips.
   (C)   Open space uses, including but not limited to private and public golf courses, tennis courts, driving ranges, archery ranges, picnic grounds, boat launching ramps, swimming areas, parks, wildlife and nature preserves, game farms, fish hatcheries, shooting preserves, hunting and fishing areas, and single or multiple purpose recreational trails.
   (D)   Residential lawns, gardens, parking areas, and play areas.
   (E)   Railroads, streets, bridges, utility transmission lines and pipelines, provided that the Department of Natural Resources' Area Hydrologist is notified at least ten days prior to issuance of any permit, and that the standards in §§ 152.033(A), 152.033(C)(1) and 152.033(F) are met.
(Ord. 1079, passed 4-14-14)