The regulatory flood protection elevation (RFPE) is determined as follows:
   (A)   In Zone AE, the RFPE is an elevation no lower than one foot above the elevation of the regional flood plus any increases in flood elevation caused by encroachments on the floodplain that result from designation of a floodway.
   (B)   In Zone AO, the RFPE is established by adding the depth number specified in feet for the Zone AO on the Flood Insurance Rate Maps adopted in § 152.012 to the highest adjacent grade to a structure's proposed location on the ground.
   (C)   Structures that were built in Zone AE prior to February 8, 1998, may continue to use the definition of RFPE that existed at the time of construction until such time as one of the two following situations arises, and then the new definition of RFPE shall apply:
      (1)   The structure is destroyed by any means where the cost of repair of the damage equals or exceeds 50% of the pre-damage market value of the structure; or
      (2)   The existing structure is removed from the lot and the lot is to be redeveloped.
(Ord. 1079, passed 4-14-14)