(A)   The following maps together with all attached material are adopted by reference and declared to be a part of the official zoning map and this chapter. The attached material includes:
      (1)   The Flood Insurance Study for Nobles County, Minnesota, and Incorporated Areas, dated May 19, 2014, and subsequently revised December 31, 2020 due to Letter of Map Revision 20-05-0776P;
      (2)   Flood Insurance Rate Map panels 27105C0265C, 27105C0270C, 27105C0382C, 27105C0402C, and 27105C0425C dated May 19, 2014;
      (3)   Flood Insurance Rate Map panels 27105C0263C, 27105C0264C, 27105C0401C, dated December 31, 2020.
   (B)   All materials have been prepared by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. These materials are on file in the offices of the Department of Community and Economic Development.
(Ord. 1079, passed 4-14-14; Am. Ord. 1167, passed 11-23-20)