(a)   Pre-Application Conference.
      (1)    The City requires pre-submittal conferences to meet with potential Applicants and discuss projects on a conceptual level.  The conference is intended to identify the correct application type and content requirements for any given project, and also to create an informal forum in which Applicants and the City can discuss any concerns that should be addressed as soon as possible to avoid any unnecessary delays in the processing of an application and deployment of wireless facilities in the City. The requirement for a pre-submittal conference may be waived by the Director of Service & Engineering or designee based on necessity and prior experience with the Applicant.
      (2)    An appointment is required for all pre-submittal conferences. The Director of Service & Engineering may establish regular hours in which appointments are available and the number of potential projects that may be discussed at a pre-submittal conference.
   (b)   Application Required. Prior to installation, modification, relocation or removal of a Small Cell Facility, relocation or removal of an existing Wireless Support Structure, installation of a new Wireless Support Structure, or Collocation on an existing Wireless Support Structure in the Right of Way, the Operator shall apply to the City and receive approval from the City.  Prior to submitting such application, the Applicant must possess a Telecommunications and Utilities Permit, as required by the City's Codified Ordinances Chapter 949, Section 949.03.
   (c)   Required Application Materials.  Unless otherwise required by state or federal law, the application shall be submitted to the Department of Service & Engineering with the applicable fee and all required materials and information in accordance with the requirements of this Chapter and the Design Guidelines in order for the application to be considered complete.
   (d)   Application Processing Fee.  For processing an application for consent, the City may charge a fee for each Small Cell Facility and Wireless Support Structure requested as prescribed under section 4939.0316 of the Ohio Revised Code and as listed on the associated application forms which shall be made available by the Department of Service & Engineering. The City may adjust this fee ten per cent every five years, rounded to the nearest five dollars.
(Ord. 38-2018.  Passed 7-16-18.)