The following regulations shall apply to all persons receiving either residential or commercial scavenger service, except as otherwise noted:
   A.   Refuse Accumulations Prohibited:
      1.   It shall be the duty of every owner, occupant and/or agent of any premises located within the Village to keep said premises free and clean from refuse at all times.
      2.   Cleanliness or neatness of any private alley is a direct responsibility of the owners or tenants who occupy the premises adjacent to any such alley. It shall be unlawful for any person to permit the accumulation of any refuse on that portion of any private alley adjacent to any such person's premises unless such refuse is properly enclosed in waste containers.
   B.   Refuse Removal Required 1 :
      1.   Refuse shall be removed from any and all premises within the Village at least once a week; provided, however, every owner, occupant and/or agent of any premises shall cause all refuse to be removed from any and all premises as often as is necessary to comply with subsection A above.
      2.   It shall be the duty of every person owning or occupying any premises, or portions thereof, to remove or cause to be removed therefrom, before vacating the same, any and all refuse or any other waste.
   C.   Refuse Storage Restrictions:
      1.   No person shall permit any refuse to accumulate within the Village unless said refuse shall be suitably enclosed in waste containers.
      2.   All waste containers shall be as previously defined and no other type of container shall be acceptable. A sufficient number of waste containers for a weekly accumulation of refuse shall be provided and at all times maintained in good order and repair by the owner, occupant or agent of any premises in the Village. All waste containers shall be kept clean and disinfected with an antiseptic solution as often as necessary to maintain them in a sanitary condition. Filthy, leaky or defective receptacles shall be cleaned, repaired or replaced by the owner, occupant or agent of the premises served. (Ord. 83-05, §1; amd. Ord. 86-03, §1)
      3.   It shall be the duty of the owner, occupant or agent of any premises to cause all refuse produced on the premises to be thoroughly drained of all surplus liquid, securely wrapped or bagged in paper or plastic, bundled or packed in a covered box or carton of such dimensions as will permit its free passage into and out of the waste container, and finally deposited, after such wrapping, bagging, bundling or packaging in such waste container, as soon as practicable after the same is produced thereon. All refuse shall be securely wrapped, bagged, bundled or packed in such a manner as may be necessary to prevent the scattering of same, and shall be deposited in a waste container as prescribed herein. (Ord. 83-05, §1; amd. Ord. 86-03, §1)
      4.   It shall be unlawful for any person to deposit in any waste container any article or thing other than refuse or recyclable material as defined in this Chapter. (Ord. 92-15, 4-23-92)
      5.   It shall be unlawful to dispose of any refuse in such a manner that the wind, sun, rain or snow scatters said refuse.
   D.   Disposal of Dead Animals 2 : Dead animals are not considered refuse and shall not be disposed of in waste containers. Dead animals may only be disposed of in accordance with all applicable health regulations. (Ord. 83-05, §1; amd. Ord. 86-03, §1)



1. See also Section 3-1-11-3 of this Code.
1. See also subsection 4-1-1D of this title and subsections 4-2-5D and F of this chapter.