Every massage establishment shall comply with the following minimum requirements:
   A.   All massage tables, lavatories, and floors shall have surfaces which may be readily disinfected.
   B.   Separate dressing, locker, toilet, and massage room facilities shall be provided for female and male clients, so that female and male clients may be served simultaneously in the event that clients of both sexes are permitted.
   C.   Toilet facilities shall be provided within the massage establishment. When five (5) or more employees, massage therapists or patrons of different sexes are contemplated to be on the premises at the same time, separate toilet facilities shall be provided for each sex. A lavatory capable of providing both hot and cold running water shall be installed in each toilet room and shall be supplied with soap and dispenser with sanitary towels.
   D.   Closed cabinets shall be provided for use in the storage of clean linens, towels, and other materials used in administering massage services. All soiled linens, towels, and other materials shall be kept in properly covered containers or cabinets which shall be kept separate from the clean storage areas. (Ord. 2011-43, 9-8-2011)