Every massage establishment shall comply with the following minimum requirements:
   A.   Every portion of the massage establishment, including any and all appliances, apparatus, or other mechanical and therapeutic devices shall be kept clean and operated under sanitary conditions. The massage establishment shall contain facilities for sanitization of equipment before use on each customer.
   B.   Price rates for all massage services shall be prominently posted in the reception area of the massage establishment in a location available to all prospective customers.
   C.   All employees and massage therapists shall wear clean, nontransparent outer garments covering the sexual and genital areas.
   D.   All massage establishments shall be provided with clean laundered sheets and towels in sufficient quantity which shall be laundered after each use thereof and stored in a sanitary manner. All towels and linens furnished for use of one patron shall not be refurnished for use of another patron until laundered.
   E.   The sexual or genital areas of clients must be covered with nontransparent towels, clothes, or undergarments when in the presence of an employee or massage therapist.
   F.   All walls, ceilings, floors, pools, showers, baths, and steam rooms and any other physical facilities shall be kept in good repair and maintained in a clean and sanitary condition. Wet and dry heat rooms, steam or vapor cabinets, shower compartments and toilet rooms shall be thoroughly cleaned each day the massage establishment is in operation. Bathtubs and showers shall be thoroughly cleaned after each use. When carpeting is used on floors, it shall be kept dry.
   G.   Oils, creams, lotions, and other preparations used in administering massages shall be kept in clean individual use containers, closed containers or cabinets.
   H.   Each massage therapist shall wash his or her hands in hot running water using a proper soap disinfectant before administering any massage to any customer or client.
   I.   It shall be unlawful for any person in the massage establishment to place his or her hand upon, to touch with any part of his or her body, or fondle in any manner, or massage a sexual or genital area of any person.
   J.   No massage therapist employee or licensee shall perform, offer, or agree to perform any act which shall require the touching of a client's sexual or genital area.
   K.   No massage therapist shall administer a massage to a client exhibiting any skin fungus, skin infection, skin inflammation or skin eruption, unless a physician duly licensed by the state of Illinois shall certify in writing that such person may be safely massaged and shall describe the conditions under which such massage may be performed.
   L.   No client shall be permitted to operate any device capable of recording or transmitting still or moving images in any area of the massage establishment, including, without limitation, still or video cameras, video recorders, camera phones, or any similar device.
   M.   No portion of the licensed premises shall be designed, modified, equipped or used as a residence or for residential purposes. No person shall reside, board, or otherwise use a licensed massage establishment as a residence. (Ord. 2011-43, 9-8-2011)
   N.   Every massage therapist shall display their valid license as required by the Illinois department of professional regulation.
   O.   No portion of any business premises used in any way for or by a massage business shall be kept open for any purpose between the hours of ten o'clock (10:00) P.M. and seven o'clock (7:00) A.M. (Ord. 2015-72, 12-17-2015)