SECTION V-2. Architectural Review Board.
   (A)    The Architectural Review Board shall consist of three (3) architects having the qualifications set forth in division (B). Each architect member shall, after the initial appointments, be appointed for a term of 3 years with alternate and successive annual expiration dates. Appointments of architect members shall be made by the Mayor.
   Two alternate members shall be appointed having the same qualifications as the members. Each alternate shall be appointed for a term of 3 years. Appointment of alternate members shall be made by the Mayor.
   (B)    Each architect member of the Architectural Review Board shall be a registered architect duly registered and authorized to practice architecture in and under the laws of the State of Ohio, and shall have been actively engaged in the general practice of architecture as a registered architect in such State for a period of not less than 5 years prior to his appointment to the Board.
   (C)    Any member of the Board shall be subject to removal from such membership for good cause shown in the manner provided by the statutes of the State of Ohio.
   (D)    Each architect member of the Board shall receive a fee as set by Council per meeting.
   (E)    No member of the Board shall participate in the review of any work in which he has any direct or indirect financial interest, or of any work for any person by whom he is employed. If such an occasion should arise, the member so restrained shall forfeit his fee for that meeting and yield his place to an alternate member.
   (F)    In the case of the absence of any architect member from any meeting for any reason, the Mayor shall designate one or more of the alternate members to serve in the place of the absent member, so that the number of architect members present at any meeting shall not be less than 2 nor more than 3. The alternate member so serving shall receive the fee of the member in whose place he serves.
   (G)    The purposes of the Board are to protect the value, appearance and use of property on which buildings are constructed or altered, to maintain a high character of community development, to protect the public health, safety, convenience, and welfare and to protect real estate within the City from impairment or destruction of value. These purposes shall be accomplished by the Board by regulating, according to accepted and recognized architectural principles, the design, use of materials, finished grade lines, dimensions, orientation and location of all main and accessory buildings to be erected, moved, altered, remodeled, or repaired, subject to the provisions of the Zoning and Building Codes and other applicable sections of this Code. In reviewing, regulating, and approving building plans, the Board shall consider and take cognizance of the development of adjacent, contiguous and neighboring buildings and properties for the purpose of achieving safe, harmonious, and integrated development of related properties. 
   (H)    The Board shall have meetings at the request of the Planning and Zoning Commission and shall hold all meetings in the Village Hall.
   (I)    One member of the Board shall act as secretary and shall keep or cause to be kept in the Village Hall a complete record of all meetings of the Board and a detailed record of all transactions handled by the Board, and shall prepare and file with the Mayor and Council on or before May 1 of each year a complete report of the business handled by the Board during the preceding year.