(A)   It shall be unlawful for anyone to permit weeds, grass, or plants, other than trees, bushes, flowers, or other ornamental plants to grow to a height exceeding eight inches anywhere in the village: any such plants or weeds exceeding such height are hereby declared to be a nuisance.
   (B)   Weeds over the height provided in division (A) or such as are a public nuisance shall be cut by the owner, tenant, agent, or person having control of the premises within five days after notice in writing, signed by the Health Officer or his designee, to cut the same has been duly served.  Service of notice may be effected by handing the same to the owner, tenant, or agent in person wherever he may be, or to any member of his household of the age of 15 years or upwards found on the premises, or by mailing the same by United States mail, postage fully prepaid, addressed to him at his last known place of residence.  Any person failing to cut the weeds as directed by the said notice shall be guilty of a violation of this section and shall be cited therefore.  Such citation may be made either to the Circuit Court or to the village’s Adjudication Court.
('79 Code, § 1002(12))  (Am. Ord. 2008-O-20, passed 9-2-08) Penalty, see § 100.99