§ 99.34  COLLECTION.
   The tax authorized by this subchapter shall be collected from the purchaser by the person maintaining a place of business in this state who delivers the electricity to the purchaser.  This tax shall constitute a debt of the purchaser to the person who delivers the electricity to the purchaser and if unpaid, is recoverable in the same manner as the original charge for delivering the electricity, provided that the person delivering electricity shall be allowed a credit for such tax related to deliveries of electricity, the charges for which are written off as uncollectible, and provided further, that if such charges are thereafter collected, the delivering supplier shall be obligated to remit such tax.  Any tax required to be collected pursuant to this subchapter and any such tax collected by a person delivering electricity shall constitute a debt owed to the municipality by such person delivering the electricity. Persons delivering electricity shall collect the tax from the purchaser by adding such tax to the gross charge for delivering the electricity.  Persons delivering the electricity shall also be authorized to add to such gross charge an amount equal to 3% of the tax to reimburse the person delivering electricity for the expense incurred in keeping records, billing customers, preparing and filing returns, remitting the tax and supplying data to the village upon request.  If the person delivering electricity fails to collect the tax from the purchaser, then the purchaser shall be required to pay the tax directly to the village in the manner prescribed by the village, Persons delivering electricity who file returns pursuant to this section shall, at the time of filing such return, pay the village the amount of the tax collected pursuant to this subchapter.
(Ord. 1998-14, passed 7-7-98; Am. Ord. 1999-O-9, passed 3-16-99)