(A)   A permit may be revoked by the President upon 24 hours' notice to the applicant-permittee where it appears that:
      (1)   The application is materially false or purposely misleading and such fact was not earlier discovered despite due diligence prior to such time.
      (2)   New or substantially changed conditions have arisen so as to imperil or materially endanger the public health, morals, safety, or welfare.  If a permit is revoked for the reason denominated in this division (2), the applicant's permit fee shall be returned to him.
   (B)   A permit may be revoked at any time after 24 hours prior to the event and at any time during such event where it appears that the public health, morals, safety, or welfare are being endangered, where it appears that numerous acts of criminality, disorderly conduct, or juvenile delinquency are occurring, or where nuisances substantially impairing the comfort or welfare of the community are occurring.  Where such circumstances appear, a permit shall be revoked upon request of the Police Department by the President, or in the absence of the foregoing, by the Police Department.  In the event of revocation under this division, the permit fee and the cash deposit, to the extent the latter is billed, used, or required, shall not be returned to the applicant-permittee.
   (C)   In the event that a permit is revoked pursuant to division (A) of this section, oral notice by the President to the applicant-permittee shall be determined sufficient notice to the applicant-permittee and his agents, servants, employees, and contractees that the permit has been revoked.  In the event that a permit is revoked pursuant to division (B) of this section, oral notice, audible to any individual and oral notice reasonably audible to any person within normal hearing range of any electronic device, given by an authorized official or police officer, shall be deemed sufficient notice that the permit has been revoked.
('79 Code, § 1918(6))  (Ord. 1987-O-6, passed 1-20-87)  Penalty, see § 97.99