(a)   A conditional use permit and zoning certificate are required for a wireless telecommunications facility.  A proposed collocation also requires a conditional use permit and zoning certificate.  A site plan shall be submitted to the Planning Commission prior to and as part of the conditional use application and zoning permit, and shall include all of the following:
      (1)   Existing topography with a maximum of five foot contour intervals.
      (2)   Proposed finished grade of the development shown by a maximum five foot contour intervals.
      (3)   The location of all existing buildings and structures and the proposed location of the facility and support structures including square footage, dimensions, heights and gross floor of buildings of structures.
      (4)   The location and dimensions of all curb cuts, driving lanes, off-street parking and loading areas including number of spaces, grades, surfacing materials, drainage plans and illumination of the facility.
      (5)   The location and dimensions of proposed sidewalks, fences, landscaping, screening and/or walls.
      (6)   The location of all existing and proposed public streets and utilities.
      (7)   Schedule of construction of the project.
      (8)   Distance from the proposed facility to existing buildings and structures and distance from the nearest residential zoning district.
      (9)   Distance from the proposed facility to the nearest telecommunications facility located within the Village.
      (10)   Any other information as may be required by the Planning Commission, the Zoning Officer and/or the Building Inspector.
   (b)   Any decision to deny a request to place, construct, or modify a wireless telecommunications facility shall be in writing and state the reason for the denial.
(Ord.  2000-10.  Passed 5-16-00.)