In all zoned districts the following regulations shall apply to all permitted signs or billboard uses:
   (a)   No sign shall hereafter be erected or altered until a permit for the same shall have been obtained. In Commercial Districts and Industrial Districts the application for permit shall be accompanied by a plan drawn to scale, showing the sign and the size and location of the building upon which the sign is to be placed.
   (b)   No sign other than traffic or similar official signs shall be permitted in the right-of- way of any street or highway.
   (c)   No sign shall be placed in such a position as to endanger traffic on a street or at an intersection. No sign shall be permitted which attempts or appears to attempt to direct the movement of traffic or which interferes with, imitates or resembles any official traffic sign, signal or device.
   (d)   Illuminated signs shall be arranged and designed so that the light does not constitute a nuisance to adjoining premises or a hazardous condition on the street or highway.
   (e)   No sign may be permitted to be erected or maintained upon trees or painted or drawn upon rocks or other natural features.
   (f)   No business sign may be located nearer to a Residential District lot line than is permitted for other business or commercial structures. If any such sign is located nearer than 50 feet and facing into any Residential District lot line, it shall be designed so as not to shine or reflect light into adjacent residences.
   (g)   Any sign located along the right-of-way of a State of Federal Highway shall comply with any more restrictive requirements of the State of Federal Government relating thereto.
   (h)   Every sign referred to in this Zoning Ordinance must be constructed of durable materials and must be kept in good condition and repair. Each sign shall be erected in a safe manner in accordance with the building and other pertinent requirements of the Village. Whenever a sign becomes structurally unsafe or endangers the safety of a building or premises, or endangers the public safety, the zoning officer shall give written notice to the owner of this sign or the owner of the premises on which the sign is located that such sign be made safe or be removed within five days.
   (i)   No sign should exceed 8 ft. in height or 8 ft. in width and may only advertise the products or services rendered at that location.
   (j)   Billboards are prohibited.