Class   Uses: (Permitted or Conditional)   Required Spaces
Class #1    a.    Hotel    1.5 Dwelling unit or
               b.   Motel    habitable living unit
               c.   Tourist cabin or court
               d.   Apartment hotel
Class #2    a.    Dwelling, single-family    2/Dwelling unit
                b.    Dwelling, two-family
                c.    Dwelling, multiple-family
               d.    Mobile home
Class #3    a.    Convalescent or rest home,     2/1,000 sq. ft. of
                       nursing home, and sanitarium    gross floor area
                b.    Convent, monastery, nunnery
                c.    Home for the aged
                d.    Institution:
                     (1)   For the care, care and
                             residence of children and
                      (2)    For the treatment of
                             alcoholism, drug addiction,
                             on treatment and care of
                             the insane or feeble
   e.   Parsonage, rectory or parish
   f.    Religious retreat
Class #4    a.    Aquarium     4/1,000 sq. ft. of
                b.    Historic site    gross floor area
                c.    Hospital
                d.    Library, museum or art gallery,
                e.    Philanthropic and charitable
               f.    Nursery school or child care
Class #5    a.    Animal hospital and veterinarian     8/1,000 sq. ft. of
               b.    Animal kennels    gross floor area
                c.    Art studio
                d.    Bank, savings and loan
                e.    Blueprinting
                f.    Business machine sales and
                g.    Bus terminal
               h.    Catering service
               i.    Civil defense--fire station,
                       police station
                j.    Clinic for: doctor, dentist,
                       osteopath, podiatrist,
                       chiropractor, chiropodist,
                       optometrist, or similar
                k.    Clothing and costume rental
                l.    Club or lodge, private: operated
                       for the benefit of members and
                      not for gain
               m.    Custom dressmaking
                n.    Diaper service
                o.    Dry cleaning plant employing
                      not more than six (6) persons
                p.    Financial institutions and
                q.    Frozen food locker plants,
                       including sale of frozen foods
                r.    Government administration
                       buildings, without garages
                       or shops
                s.    Interior decorator
                t.    Laboratory, medical, dental or
                u.    Laboratory, research and
                v.    Labor union offices and lodges
                w.    Lithographing
                x.    Massage salon
                y.    Medical and dental office
                z.    Office, business and
              aa.    Office machine sales and service
               bb.    Photostating
              cc.    Physical culture and health
               dd.    Post office
               ee.    Recording studio
               ff.    Recreational and community
                       center buildings
               gg.    Repair of shoes, clothing and
               hh.    School, music, dance, and
               ii.    Small animal grooming
               jj.    Tailor shop
               kk.    Telegraph office
               ll.    Telephone exchange and equipment
               mm. Ticket agency
               nn.    Travel agency
Class #6    a.    Bowling alley 10/1,000 sq. ft. of
                b.    Dormitory gross floor area
                c.    Fish market
                d.    Fraternity house
                e.    Furniture store
                f.    Furrier
                g.    Hearing aid store
                h.    Leather goods and luggage
                i.    Lodging house
                j.    Orthopedic and medical
                       appliance sales and service
                k.    Photography studio
                l.    Picture framing
                m.    Rooming house
                n.    Rummage shop
                o.    Sorority house
Class #7    a.    Antique store 12/1,000 sq. ft. of
                b.    Apparel store gross floor area
                c.    Art and school supply store
               d.    Art store, retail
                e.    Auto accessory store
                f.    Bakery, retail
                g.    Barber shop
                h.    Beauty shop
                i.    Book and stationery store
               j.    Bus depot
                k.    Camera and photographic supply
                l.    Candy, nut, and confectionery
                m.    Carpet and floor covering
                n.    China and glassware store
                o.    Clothes pressing
                p.    Coin store
               q.    Dairy products store
                r.    Delicatessen
                s.    Department store
                t.    Dry cleaning and laundry
                       receiving station
               u.    Dry goods store
                v.    Drug store
                w.    Electrical and household
                       appliance store
                x.    Employment agency
           y.    Florist
      z.    Funeral parlor
               aa.    Garden supply, tool, and
                       seed store
               bb.    Gift store
               cc.    Grocery or food store
               dd.   Haberdasheries
               cc.    Hand laundry
               ff.    Hardware store
              gg.    Hobby shop
               hh.    Home furnishings
               ii.    Household appliance store
              jj.    Ice cream store
               kk.    Jewelry store
               ll.    Laundry, self service
               mm.   Liquor store
               nn.    Locksmith
               oo.    Meat market
               pp.    Millinery shop
               qq.    Musical instruments sales and
               rr.    Newspaper distribution
               ss.    Paint, glass, and wallpaper
               tt.    Pawn shop
               uu.    Pet shop
               vv.    Phonograph, record, and music
               ww.   Railroad passenger station
               xx.    Repair, rental, and servicing
                       of any item, the retail sale
                       of which is permitted in the
                      Business Districts.
               yy.    Sewing machine sales and
               zz.    Shoe Store
               aaa.   Shopping centers
               bbb.   Sporting goods store
              ccc.   Tobacco store
               ddd.   Toy store
Class #8    a.    Auction room 15/1,000 sq. ft. of
                b.    Auto service station gross floor area
                c.    Cocktail lounge, night club
                d.    Convention hall or exhibition
                e.    Dance hall
                f.    Meeting hall
               g.    Restaurants: Carry-out type
      where no food is consumed on
                      the premises.
                h.    Restaurants: family dining
                       type, where all food is
                       consumed within an enclosed
                i.    Taverns
               j.    Skating rink
Class #9    a.    Drive-in type restaurants 30/1,000 sq. ft. of
                       where    gross floor area
                       (1)    Food is consumed on the
                           premises, but not within
                           a completely enclosed
                           building, or
                       (2)    Food is served directly to
                           customers in parked motor
                b.    Theaters, (indoor)
Class #10    a.    Boarding school, elementary 1/each employee
                       and secondary
                b.    Concrete mixing plant
                c.    Correctional institution
                d.    Dry cleaning plant
                e.    Elementary school
                f.    Exterminator
                g.    Junior high school
                h.    Machinery sales and service
                i.    Machinery sales, no repair or
                j.    Mail order house
                k.    Microwave relay towers
                l.    Radar installations and towers
                m.    Radio and television stations
                       and towers
                n.    Taxidermist
Class #11    a.    Greenhouses and nurseries,    1/1,000 sq. ft. of
                       retail    gross floor area
                b.    Golf driving ranges plus
                                                     1/2,000 sq. ft. of
                                                      gross land area
Class #12    a.    Golf courses, public and 100/9 Holes (regular
                       private    golf)
                b.    Pitch and putt golf courses or
                c.    Par "3" golf courses    40/9 Holes (Par "3")
Class #13    a.    Zoos or zoological gardens    1/2,000 sq. ft. of
                b.    Commercial camping grounds gross land area
                c.    Outdoor rifle range, trap or
                       skeet shooting range
Class #14    a.    Athletic field    1/5,000 sq. ft. of
               b.    Botanical gardens    gross land area
                c.    Forest preserves    or.
                d.    Grounds of recreational clubs,    1/75 sq. ft. of water
                       noncommercial    area when a public
                e.    Polo fields    swimming pool is an
                f.    Public parks and playgrounds isolated use
                g.    Public swimming pool    
                h.    Tennis courts and clubs
Class #15    a.    Drive-in theater (outdoor)    Reservoir of 10
                                              percent of capacity             of use
Class #16    a.    Auto laundry (mechanical) 1/Each two employees
                b.    Auto laundry (self-service)    plus
                                                     Parking spaces equal
                                                      to five (5) times the
                                                      maximum capacity of
                                                      auto washing unit
Class #17    a.    Commercial school or trade    1/Each two (2)
                b.    Vocational school    students based on
                c.    Business school    design capacity
                d.    Business machine school
                e.    Computer technology school
Class #18    a.    Senior high schools 1/Each employee
                                                     1/Each (6) students
                                                      based on design
Class #19    a.    Churches, chapels, temples, 1/Each (4) seats
                       synagogues    constructed in use
                b.    Commercial stadiums
                c.    Fairgrounds, rodeos, and
               d.    Racetracks
Class #20    a.    Colleges, junior colleges, and    1/Each (4) students
                       universities    based on design
Class #21    a.    Battery and tire service shops    5/1,000 sq. ft. of
                b.    Garage for the storage,    gross floor area
                      servicing and repair of motor    plus
                      vehicles, including body    1/2,000 sq. ft. of
                      repair, painting and engine    gross land area
                c.    Mobile home display, sales,
                       and services
                d.    Model garage display and sales
                e.    Motorcycle, bicycle and other
                       outdoor recreational vehicle
                       sales rental and service
                f.    Motor vehicles sales and service
                g.    Trailer, boat and camper or
                       camper-trailer sales, rental
                       and service
Class #22    a.    Abrasives manufacturing 1/Each (1) employees
                b.    Air, motor, railroad, and
                       water freight terminal
                c.    Asphalt manufacturing
   d.    Bakery
                e.    Bedding manufacturing
                f.    Boot and shoe manufacturing
                g.    Bottling companies
                h.    Brick and structural clay
                       products manufacturing
                i.    Carpet manufacturing
                j.    Cartage and express facilities
                k.    Cement, bulk, storage
         l.    Chemical processing and
                m.    Cloth products manufacturing
                n.    Cosmetic manufacturing
                o.    Dairying
                p.    Electric substation
                q.    Electronic, scientific and
                       precision instrument-
                r.    Electroplating
                s.    Feed mills
                t.    Feed and seed store
                u.    Food manufacturing, packaging
                       and processing
                v.    Foundries and forge plants
                w.    Fuel and ice plants
                x.    Fuels, solid or liquid,
                       storage and wholesale
                y.    Fur processing
                z.    Gas regulator station
               aa.    Glass products production and
               bb.    Grain storage and processing
   cc.    Graphite products
               dd.    Gypsum manufacturing
               ee.    Heavy machinery manufacturing
              ff.    Insulating material
               gg.    Laundry
               hh.   Leather tanning and curing
               ii.    Light machinery production,
                       appliances and business
               jj.    Linoleum manufacturing
               kk.    Machine shop
               ll.    Meat packing
               mm.   Metal reduction and refinement
               nn.    Metal stamping
               oo.    Mining operations
               pp.    Musical instrument
               qq.    Orthopedic and medical
                       appliance manufacturing
               rr.    Paint products manufacturing
               ss.    Paper products manufacturing
   tt.    Petroleum products, refining,
           storage, and processing
               uu.    Plastics manufacturing
               vv.    Pottery and ceramics
               ww.    Printing and publishing
               xx.    Restricted production and
               yy.    Rope, cord, and twine
               zz.    Rubber manufacturing and
               aaa.    Sewage treatment plant
               bbb.   Soap manufacturing
               ccc.    Sporting goods manufacturing
               ddd.   Steel manufacturing
               eee.    Warehousing and wholesaling
               fff.    Warehousing, storage, and
               ggg.   Water works, reservoir,
                        pumping station and
                        filtration plant
               hhh. Wearing apparel manufacturing
               iii.    Wood working, planing mills
                        and wood products
               jjj.    Any similar production
                        processing, cleaning,
                        servicing testing, storage
                        and repair
Class #23    a.    Amusement parks and 3/1,000 sq. ft. of
                       establishments     gross floor area
                b.    Billiard and pool halls plus
               c.    Indoor amusements, including 3/1,000 sq. ft. of
                       indoor archery, rife range, gross land area
                    s   hooting gallery
                d.    Kiddie parks
               c.    Miniature golf
Class #24    a.    Air-conditioning and heating 2/Each (1) employee
                b.    Building materials and
                       products sales and storage
                c.    Contractors and construction
                       yards and offices
                d.    Dumps and sanitary landfills
                e.    Electrical showrooms and shops
                f.    Engineers and architects
                       office and yards
                g.    Greenhouse, wholesale
                h.    Junk yard and auto grave yard
                i.    Linen Supply
                j.    Plumbing showroom and shops
Class #25    a.    Airports and landing fields Spaces as required by
                b.    Cemeteries, columbariums, the Enforcing Officer
                       crematories, and mausoleums after review by the
                c.    Heliports, public and private Planning Commission
                d.    Public stables
                e.    Riding academy