A.   Business Licenses For Vendors 1 : It shall be unlawful for any person to engage in the business of selling at retail or purchasing at retail, as the same is defined in this chapter, tangible personal property and services subject to the tax imposed by this chapter, without first having obtained a Winter Park business license, which license shall be granted and issued by the town clerk.
   B.   Exempt Institutions: No exempt institution, including quasi- governmental, religious, charitable, or other type institutions may purchase tax free in Winter Park, or use in Winter Park, tangible personal property or taxable property or taxable services tax free unless a tax exempt affidavit is filed with the town and approved by the town manager.
   C.   Sale At Retail Without License: Any person engaged in business in town as defined in this chapter, without having secured a business license therefor, except as specifically provided herein, shall be guilty of a violation of this chapter.
   D.   Revocation Of License By Town Clerk: The town clerk may on a reasonable notice and after full hearing, revoke the business license of any person found by the town clerk to have violated any provision of this chapter. After revocation of the license, no further business, as defined herein, may be conducted within the town, and the town attorney shall institute such legal action as may be necessary to preclude such conduct of a business.
   E.   Appeal From Town Clerk Order: Any finding and order of the town clerk revoking the license of any person shall be subject to judicial review in accordance with rule 106(a)(4) of the Colorado rules of civil procedure. (Ord. 225, Series of 1994)



1. See also chapter 1, "Business Licenses", of this title.