Buildings or other structures, except a flood control dam or irrigation structure, shall not be constructed in areas subject to inundation until the plans for such building or structure are first approved by the town engineer subject to the following special conditions:
   A.   Any building or structure which is approved shall be located so as to offer minimum obstruction to the flow of floodwater, and shall not cause lands outside of the natural flood channel to be flooded;
   B.   No buildings shall be constructed within a wetland, unless approved and permitted by the army corps of engineers, the planning and zoning commission and/or town council;
   C.   No schools or churches shall be permitted;
   D.   Water quality setbacks from streams or watercourses shall be a minimum of thirty feet (30'), measured from the approximate high water mark of the stream or watercourse embankment, unless otherwise approved by the town engineer. (Ord. 317, Series of 2002)