Pursuant to Colorado Revised Statutes sections 31-23-206 and 31-23-208, the master plan of the town of Winter Park, as amended and marked exhibit A and on file in the offices of the town, is adopted and hereby declared to be a part and parcel of this title as if more fully set forth herein. The planning commission chose to implement the process of adopting the master plan for the physical development of the municipality by preparation of a community plan which was prepared with the intent that subsequent parts of the master plan be adopted. Such subsequent parts of the master plan adopted are: the zoning ordinance, the official zoning map, subdivision regulations, downtown plan master plan, the various transportation studies, the road network plan, the design regulations and guidelines, the residential architectural guidelines and design regulations, landscape design regulations and guidelines, and standards and specifications for design and construction, and such additional ordinances concerning procedures as may be consistent with the master plan, the town's home rule charter, or other applicable document. (Ord. 398, Series of 2007)