§ 96.07  LITTERING.
   (A)   Littering prohibited. It shall be unlawful for any person to dump, throw upon, deposit or leave trash, refuse, garbage, cans, bottles, wrecked cars or any other litter on any property belonging to another without permission from the owner thereof or on or along or upon any public property within the town.
   (B)   Litter from vehicles. It shall be unlawful for any person to drive and operate upon the public streets of the town any truck, trailer or wagon which has been recently used for the purpose of hauling pine logs, hay, straw, paper or other like material which tends to litter the streets, and upon which there remains any bark, straw, hay, paper, resulting from the hauling until the vehicle has been thoroughly cleaned of trash or litter and rendered reasonably free therefrom, the trash or litter is covered or otherwise prevented from falling from the vehicle.
   (C)   Disposal of ashes.
      (1)   It shall be unlawful to empty ashes in a way that they may be blown or scattered upon adjoining property or persons in the community.
      (2)   It shall be unlawful to dispose of coals, embers or clinkers except when they have been thoroughly cooled or extinguished, or when they have been buried or otherwise been rendered harmless to persons or property.
(Ord. 4152014-B, passed 5-20-2014)