(A)   Any motor vehicle improperly parked or left standing upon the streets or public ways of the town in a manner as to constitute a hazard to pedestrian or motor vehicular traffic may be moved by any police officer and delivered to the Director of Public Safety for keeping or, in the event the vehicle may be removed by towing to a safe place within the town, as directed by the Public Safety Director. The Public Safety Director is hereby designated as the custodian of removed vehicles until they are claimed by the owners or persons entitled thereto. All cost of towing or removal shall be paid by the owner or driver of the motor vehicle before return of the vehicle may be made by the Director of Public Safety.
   (B)   Any motor vehicle or other article of personal property parked or left standing upon the streets of the town for 48 hours may be removed therefrom by any police officer, and for this purpose the police officer may solicit and use the aid and assistance of a towing truck or towing apparatus in the event he or she cannot move the property. The vehicle or property when removed from the public streets shall be delivered into the custody of the Public Safety Director who shall immediately advise the owner, driver or person entitled thereof of the removal and the amount of actual costs incurred by the town in the removal. The owner or person rightfully entitled to the vehicle or personal property may obtain it from the Public Safety Director by paying the cost of the removal.
(1995 Code, § 8-2003)