Section 17.72.050   Enforcement, violation and penalty.
   A.   The Zoning Administrator is designated and authorized to enforce the provisions and regulations contained within this title.
   B.   In instances where any building, structure or portion of such building or structure is erected, constructed, reconstructed, altered, repaired, converted or maintained, or any land, building or structure or portion of such land, building or structure is used or maintained in violation of this title, the Village, in addition to other remedies as specified in this title, may institute any appropriate action or proceeding to prevent, restrain, correct or abate such violation.
   C.   Any person who violates, disobeys, omits, neglects, or refuses to comply with, or who resists the enforcement of any of the provisions or regulations of this title shall be subject to fine, for each offense. Each day of the violation shall constitute a separate offense with respect to the computation of fines.
(Prior code § 22.20)
(MC-6-2005, Amended, 09/20/2005)