Section 17.44.010   District purpose.
   The requirements set forth in this chapter for the C-2 General Retail Commercial District have been adopted in order to provide for a community commercial district which offers a wide range of goods and services for residents of the Village and a wider market area. Portions of the C-2 General Retail Commercial District shown in the shaded areas of the Official Village of Winnetka Zoning Map and referred to in this chapter as the C-2 Commercial Overlay District are subject to regulations that encourage retailing of comparison shopping goods and personal services compatible with such retailing on ground floor in order to encourage a clustering of such uses, to provide for a wide variety of retail shops and expose such shops to maximum foot traffic, while keeping such traffic in concentrated (yet well distinguished) channels throughout the district, and permitting as a special use other commercial uses only to the extent that they meet certain additional requirements.
(MC-2-2015 § 5, Amended, 02/17/2015; MC-4-2009, Added, 05/05/2009)