Section 15.32.150   Site management.
   A.   Owner’ s Responsibility.  The owner shall be responsible for maintaining the site of the permit work and adjoining public ways and public property in a safe and clean condition at all times, as specified in this code, in conditions attached to the building permit, and as the Director may require from time to time in the course of construction.  The owner shall also be responsible for maintaining all rights-of-way abutting upon or adjacent to the work site as required in Section 12.20.010 of this code.
(Prior code § 23.23)
   B.   Authority of Director.  In addition to any site management requirements provided in this code, the Director, in the exercise of his discretion, may impose such other and additional site management requirements as may be necessary to protect the general public and adjoining public and private property from damage, injury or undue inconvenience arising from the construction.  Such site management requirements shall include, but not limited to, requirements pertaining to sanitation facilities, facilities for the removal of debris, construction access, areas for parking and loading, security fencing, litter control and clean-up. 
(Ord. MC-13-2004 § 5, 2004)
(MC-13-2004, Amended, 12/07/2004)