Section 12.28.010   Trees, shrubs and plants in public places.
   It is unlawful for any person without a written permit from the Village to injure, trim, treat, plant or remove any tree, shrub, vine or flower in any street, parkway or other public place in the Village, or injure, misuse or remove any device set for the protection of any such tree, shrub, vine or flower. Application for a permit from the Village shall be made in writing to the Director of Engineering or the Director's designee (in this chapter referred to collectively as the "Director"). If in the judgment of the Director the desired work is necessary, beneficial, in compliance with applicable Village standards and regulations, and if the proposed method is such as the Director approves, he or she shall issue a written permit for such work. Such permit shall contain a detailed statement of the nature of the work permitted to be done. Any work done under such written permit must be performed in accordance with the terms of such permit.
(MC-5-2020, § 11, Amended 11/17/2020: prior code § 10.01)