Section 12.04.060   Merchandise or materials on streets.
   A.   Merchandise or material for delivery may be deposited in a public street, other than on the sidewalks; provided that, the usable width of the roadway is not reduced by such deposit to less than eighteen (18) feet; and provided that, such material shall be permitted to remain upon any public street not more than five hours. Any such deposits which are allowed on the street shall be properly guarded by the person making such deposit to prevent injury to any person or vehicle. In case such deposit is made at night such protection shall consist of red warning lights. This section shall not be construed to restrict the rights of contractors to occupy portions of the street in compliance with Title 15.
   B.   It is lawful to deposit merchandise or material on any sidewalk for the purpose of delivering the same to or from a residence or place of business, but no such merchandise or material shall be so deposited as to totally obstruct traffic on such sidewalk and no such merchandise or material shall be permitted to remain on such sidewalk for a longer period of time than one-half hour.
(Prior code § 7.08)