Section 10.32.060   Registration.
   A.   Required. It is unlawful for any person to operate or use a bicycle in the Village which has not been registered and equipped with a registration decal as provided in this chapter.
   B.   Rental Agencies. Any person engaged in operating a bicycle rental agency shall first obtain registration certificates and decals for such bicycles. Registration certificates and decals thus obtained by a bicycle rental agency shall not be transferred from one bicycle to another.
   C.   Reciprocity With Other Municipalities. Any nonresident of the Village may operate in the Village any bicycle which is registered in another municipality and equipped with a registration decal, without obtaining a Village registration decal; provided that, such other municipality where such bicycle is licensed or registered extends the same privileges to the residents of the Village.
   D.   Application for Registration; Mechanical Condition of Bicycle. Every person desiring a bicycle registration decal shall make application to the Police Department upon blanks furnished by the Village. Such application shall contain such information as may be required by the Chief of Police concerning the applicant and the description of the bicycle to be registered. No registration decal shall be issued unless the bicycle complies with the requirements of this chapter concerning its safe mechanical condition.
   E.   Fee. No fee shall be required for the initial registration of the bicycle. Upon the loss of the registration decal, the registree shall report its loss within seven days. Upon the receipt of such report the Chief of Police shall cancel the original registration and issue a new registration decal to the registree upon the receipt of a re-registration fee as set from time to time by resolution of the Village Council.
   F.   Examination; Denial of Registration. Upon making an application for the initial registration, the applicant shall be examined by an examining officer designated by the Chief of Police. The Chief of Police shall designate the scope and manner of the examination. Upon completion of such examination the Chief of Police may refuse to issue a registration decal to the applicant if such examination discloses to the Chief of Police that the applicant does not have a reasonable knowledge of the provisions of this chapter or that the applicant is unable to exercise reasonable control in operating a bicycle.
   G.   Issuance of Registration Decal; Duration of Registration. Upon approval of the application, the Chief of Police shall issue a registration decal which shall be effective as long as the bicycle remains under the ownership of the applicant.
   H.   Transfer of Registration; Termination. No registration decal shall be transferred from one bicycle to another or from one owner to another. A registration decal shall be deemed to be cancelled when the bicycle is sold, exchanged, junked or is disposed of in any other manner by the person to whom the registration decal was originally issued.
(Prior code § 43.06)