Section 8.04.050  Impermissible alarm devices.
   A.   No person shall install or allow to exist on any alarm system:
      1.   Any device that produces a sound or visual display similar to sirens or lights of emergency public safety vehicles of the Village or emergency warning system (civil defense) sirens; or
      2.   Any device (except a fire alarm) not equipped with an automatic shutoff that will deactivate sound or visual display within ten (10) minutes of the commencement of any alarm.
   B.   No person shall install any device that automatically contacts the Police or Fire Department and that also uses or reproduces any recorded message to summon Police or Fire Department response, except that an elevator auto-dialer emergency communication system that is required by ANSI 17.1 or 17.3 Standards shall be permitted.
(Ord. MC-4-2012, § 5, Amended, 07/17/2012; Ord. MC-228-99 § 7 (part), 1999: prior code §§ 4.10, 24.05)
   C.   No person shall install any type of digital dialer alarm that dials into the Police Department alarm system receiver.
(Ord. MC-2-2011, 2/15/2011; Ord. MC-06-2004 § 3, 05/04/2004)