Section 8.04.020  Definitions.
For the purpose of this chapter, the following terms shall have the meaning given in this section:
   A.   Alarm system.  "Alarm system" means manual and automatic electronic equipment, and all components of such equipment including any telephone lines, arranged to detect activity at a premises or produce electronic, visual or audible signals to summon Police or Fire Department response. "Alarm system" includes systems commonly known as "automatic holdup alarm system," "burglar alarm system," "holdup alarm system," "manual alarm system," "fire alarm system," "medical alert alarm system" and "burglary, robbery, trespass alarm," but shall not include a proprietary system.
   B.   Alarm system user.  "Alarm system user" means any person on whose premises an alarm system is maintained within the Village.
   C.   Digital dialer alarm.  "Digital dialer alarm" means an alarm that uses a modem to connect to an alarm system receiver instead of using a direct connection through leased lines.
   D.   Direct connection system.  "Direct connection alarm" means an alarm system that uses an approved Village radio receiver to connect directly to an alarm receiving panel located in the Village's Public Safety Answering Point (911 Center). No digital dialer alarm shall be considered a direct connection alarm.
   E.   False alarm.  "False alarm" means the erroneous activation of an alarm system through mechanical failure, malfunction, improper installation, or the mistake of the alarm system user or the user's agents.
   F.   Proprietary system.  "Proprietary system" means an alarm system that communicates a signal only within the interior of the protected premises only to alert persons within the premises in which the alarm system is located.
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