Section 8.04.010  General requirements for automatic alarm and fire detection systems, and smoke detectors.
   A.   Automatic alarm and fire detection systems.  All automatic alarm and fire detection systems shall be subject to the provisions of this Chapter 8.04.  In addition, all automatic alarm and fire detection systems shall be installed in accordance with the standards set forth in NFPA Publication 72, National Fire Alarm Code, 2016 Edition, in any building used for all occupancies described in subsections(A)(1) through (A)(8) of Section 15.16.050 of this code.
   B.   Smoke detectors. Residential smoke detectors shall be supplied and installed in accordance with the "Illinois Smoke Detector Act," 425 ILCS 60/1, et seq., and the International Residential Code, 2015 Edition.
   C.   Exception to fire detection system requirement. No automatic fire detection system shall be required in any room or portion of a building which is equipped with an approved installation of an automatic fire extinguishing system except where it is determined by the Fire Chief that early warning is necessary for life safety. (Ord. MC-228-99 § 7 (part), 1999: prior code § 24.01)
   D.   Emergency key access requirement. The owner of any building or structure that is not a single-family or two-family dwelling and that is protected by an automatic sprinkler system and/or an automatic fire detection system shall purchase, install and maintain an emergency key access system consisting of a locked box of a type and in a location prescribed by the Fire Chief.  The key box shall contain:
      1.   Keys to locked points of ingress whether on the interior or exterior of such building or structure;
      2.   Keys to locked mechanical equipment rooms;
      3.   Keys to locked electrical equipment rooms;
      4.   Keys to elevator controls;
      5.   Keys to the fire alarm equipment; and
      6.   Keys to other areas as directed by the Fire Chief.
   E.   Emergency key access to gates. Security gates restricting access to private residences shall provide, install and maintain a "Knox" emergency key access system, with either a key box or key switch, allowing first responders access to the property and residence thereon.
(Ord. MC-5-2019, § 2, Amended, 06/04/2019; Ord. MC-4-2012, § 3, Amended, 07/17/2012; Ord. MC-2-2011, 2/15/11; Ord. MC-1-2005 § 2, 2/15/05)