Section 6.08.060   Quarantine.
   Whenever the number of dangerous dogs or dogs suffering from rabies, running at large in the Village, shall be such as to endanger the public health, public safety or general welfare, the President of the Village may in his or her reasonable discretion declare that the protection of the public health, public safety or general welfare requires that, for a definite period to be determined by him or her until he or she shall otherwise order by proclamation, all dogs shall be confined at all times to the premises of the owner or custodian of such dogs or, if not on such premises, then to be kept on leash under the control of such owner or custodian or his or her agent. A proclamation of the Village President containing such declaration shall be published once in some newspaper of general circulation in the Village, or such proclamation shall be posted in three public places in the Village designated by ordinance for such purpose. After the first publication or posting of such proclamation by the Village President, it is unlawful for the owner or custodian of any dog to permit such dog to be at large contrary to the terms of such proclamation.
(Prior code § 13.11)