Section 4.08.020   Contents of annual budget.
   The annual budget shall meet the requirements of Section 8-2-9.3 of the Illinois Municipal Code. It shall contain estimates of revenues available to the Village for the fiscal year for which the budget is drafted, together with recommended expenditures for the Village and all of the Departments, Commissions and Boards, showing the specific fund from which each anticipated expenditure is to be made. Revenue estimates and expenditure recommendations shall be presented in a manner which is in conformity with good fiscal management practices. The annual budget shall also contain actual or estimated revenues and expenditures for the two years immediately preceding the fiscal year for which the budget is prepared, itemized in a manner which conforms to the extent possible with the charts of account used in presenting the revenue estimates and expenditure recommendations. The annual budget may include a fund designated as the capital improvement fund, in order to provide for the accumulation and use of funds in the manner specified in Section 8-2-9.5 of the Illinois Municipal Code. The annual budget may include money set aside for contingency purposes, the amounts and expenditures of which shall be in accordance with Section 8-2-9.7 of the Illinois Municipal Code.  (Ord. MC-3-2013 § 8, 2013: prior code § 2.04)