Within a B-2 District, unless otherwise provided by this chapter, no building or land shall be used except for the following:
   (A)   Animal or pet shops;
   (B)   Antique, gift or jewelry stores;
   (C)   Apparel, dry goods or department stores;
   (D)   Appliance, sewing machine sales and service, hardware paint and wallpaper stores, bicycle sales and repair;
   (E)   Art and school supply, book and stationery stores;
   (F)   Art, photographic, music and dance studios;
   (G)   Bakeries employing not more than four persons in the baking process;
   (H)   Banks, savings and loan associations and loan and finance companies;
   (I)   Barber and beauty shops;
   (J)   Business, commercial or trade schools;
   (K)   Camera or photographic supply stores, hobby, toy or record stores, sporting goods stores, musical instrument stores;
   (L)   Clinics, for people only;
   (M)   Drug, variety and five-and-ten-cent stores;
   (N)   Dry cleaning and laundry collection stations;
   (O)   Furniture stores, carpet and rug stores;
   (P)   Grocery, fruit, vegetable, floral or meat stores, candy, ice cream, soft drink or confectionary stores, excluding drive-in type service;
   (Q)   Leather goods and luggage, shoe stores and shoe repair service;
   (R)   Liquor stores and taverns;
   (S)   Medical supply stores;
   (T)   Newsstands;
   (U)   Laboratories;
   (V)   Physical culture and health clubs, gyms;
   (W)   Pipe and tobacco shops;
   (X)   Post offices;
   (Y)   Professional and other business offices, employment agencies;
   (Z)   Radio or television broadcasting or transmitting stations or studios; radio and television repair, when operated as an accessory to a retail sales establishment;
   (AA)   Restaurants, tearooms, delicatessens, cafés, excluding drive-in type of service;
   (BB)   Tailor shops;
   (CC)   Telephone booths (outside);
   (DD)   Theaters;
   (EE)   Accessory uses as follows:
      (1)   Any accessory use, except signs, customarily incident to the above permitted uses;
      (2)   Signs as regulated in § 152.086.
(Ord. 151, passed 1-10-96)