Within a B-1 District, unless otherwise provided by this chapter, no building or land shall be used except for the following:
   (A)   Armories, convention halls or exhibition halls;
   (B)   New or used automobile or automobile laundries or car washes, automobile service stations or repair shops, provided the parking lot surface shall be dust-free and artificial lighting shall be directed away from any public right-of-way and any residential district;
   (C)   Banks and savings and loan institutions;
   (D)   Bowling alleys, billiard or pool halls;
   (E)   Bakeries employing not more than four persons in the baking process;
   (F)   Bottling establishments;
   (G)   Bus station;
   (H)   Cabinet, carpenter, upholstering or furniture repair shops employing not more than four persons in the construction or repair process;
   (I)   Dry cleaning establishments, laundries, laundromats, self-servicing or employing not more than four persons in the laundering, cleaning and pressing processes;
   (J)   Electrical and electronic manufacturing establishments, electric service shops;
   (K)   Frozen food lockers for individual or family;
   (L)   Grocery, fruit, vegetable and meat stores;
   (M)   Greenhouses, nurseries and garden stores;
   (N)   Laboratories, medical and dental;
   (O)   Lumber yards, building materials, sales and storage establishments;
   (P)   Marine and boat sales and servicing establishments;
   (Q)   Miniature golf courses, par three golf courses or archery or golf driving ranges operated for commercial purposes;
   (R)   Monument sales, not including processing;
   (S)   Mortuaries or funeral homes;
   (T)   Motels, hotels or apartment hotels;
   (U)   Municipal and government buildings;
   (V)   Newspaper distribution agencies;
   (W)   Orthopedic and medical appliance stores;
   (X)   Pet and animal hospitals;
   (Y)   Plumbing, heating and air conditioning shops and showrooms;
   (Z)   Photographic, camera and jewelry manufacturing establishments;
   (AA)   Printing and publishing shops;
   (BB)   Public utility structures;
   (CC)   Radio and television service and repair shops;
   (DD)   Recording studios;
   (EE)   Restaurants;
   (FF)   Skating rinks;
   (GG)   Storage and warehousing facilities, wholesale business and office establishments;
   (HH)   Taverns (enclosed);
   (II)   Telephone booths (outside);
   (JJ)   Theaters;
   (KK)   Vending machines for ice and milk sales;
   (LL)   Accessory uses, other than signs, customarily incidental to the uses permitted in this section and § 152.087;
   (MM)   Signs as follows:
      (1)   The total surface area of all business signs on a lot shall not exceed 2 square feet per lineal foot of lot frontage or 10% of the building frontage area or 75 square feet in area, whichever is greater; for corner lots, the “frontage” used to determine allowable sign area shall be the least dimension along a street but one equivalent sign area shall be allowed facing the intersecting street. Such signs may be illuminated;
      (2)   Advertising sign structures shall be limited to one for a lot of 100-foot frontage or less and to only one for each additional 100 feet of additional lot frontage; such structure may not contain more than two signs per facing, nor exceed 55 feet in total length. No advertising sign may be erected within 100 feet of an adjoining residential district. The signs may be illuminated;
      (3)   No sign shall project higher than 6 feet above the height of the building or 32 feet above average grade at the building line, whichever is greater;
      (4)   Rotating signs shall not be permitted;
      (5)   Signs painted on a building shall be governed by the square footage limitations specified above. The signs shall be maintained in good condition and shall be repainted, removed or painted out when, in the opinion of the City Council, they are not so maintained;
      (6)   No sign shall be placed that resembles any official marker erected by a governmental agency or displaying such words as “stop” or “danger;”
      (7)   No sign shall be permitted to obstruct any window, door, fire escape, stairway or opening intended to provide light, air or access to any building;
      (8)   Political signs may be permitted for a period of not more than 30 days before and ten days after an election;
      (9)   Upon notification by the Zoning Administrator that a sign is rotted, unsafe or unsightly, no longer being used by the business or business has closed, the owner of the sign or owner of property thereunder shall remove or repair same; and
      (10)   Where a sign is illuminated, the source of light shall not be visible from any public right-of- way and such light shall be directed away from any residential district.
      (11)   Signs that are not posted by authorized government officials are prohibited within the public right-of-way, easements or publicly owned land including but not limited to parking lots, streets, or alleys.
      (12)   Signs shall not be attached to trees, utility poles, governmental signs, public benches, streetlights, or other public infrastructure.
      (13)   All signs, with the exception of temporary, portable, and freestanding signs, must be securely attached to the building.
      (14)   All signs shall complement and not compete with, the character of the downtown.
      (15)   Portable signs shall be constructed of wood, plastic or metal, and shall have a professional appearance.
      (16)   Portable signs.
         (a)   Portable signs shall be allowed in all zoning districts within the city except that in residential districts, sandwich board signs will be permitted only for non-residential uses and uses by conditional use permit.
         (b)   There shall be only one portable sign allowed for each entity.
         (c)   Portable signs shall not exceed eight square feet in size per surface area.
         (d)   If placed on a sidewalk, a portable sign shall not take up more than three feet of sidewalk width and shall not be placed in the middle of the sidewalk.
         (e)   Portable signs may be removed by the city if they interfere with any city activities (i.e. snow removal, maintenance of the surrounding area, and the like).
         (f)   Portable signs shall be displayed only during the times that the entity is open. No portable sign shall be displayed overnight or when there has been any snow accumulation. Portable signs that do not comply with this requirement may be removed and disposed of by the city.
         (g)   Portable signs must either be weighted down or removed when there are wind gusts of 20 m.p.h. or greater.
         (h)   Under no circumstances shall a portable sign be used instead of permanent building signage.
         (i)   Signs shall be located no closer than ten feet from any street corner or alley corner.
(Ord. 151, passed 1-10-96; Am. Ord. 2, 2012 Series, passed 3-13-12; Am. Ord. 3, 2012 Series, passed 3-13-12; Am. Ord. 4, 2012 Series, passed 3-13-12)