(A)   In order to provide the greatest extent possible for the privacy and confidentiality of applicants who are required to submit to drug testing, all laboratory results will be sent directly to the Medical Review Officer. All specimens reported by the laboratory as negative will in turn be reported to the agency by the Medical Review Officer as negative.
   (B)   With respect to confirmed positive results, the Medical Review Officer:
      (1)   May conduct medical interviews with the applicant;
      (2)   May review applicant medical histories or any other biomedical factors;
      (3)   Shall review all medical records made available by the tested employee when a confirmed positive could have resulted from legally prescribed medication; and
      (4)   May deem the results scientifically insufficient for further action and declare the result to be negative based on a review of such data or facts as he or she may deem appropriate.
(Prior Code, § 33.26)  (Ord. passed 11-19-1990)