(A)   Generally: No business or establishment, whether or not licensed, shall be so conducted or operated as to constitute a nuisance in fact; and no building, vehicle, structure, yard, lot, premises, or part thereof, shall be used, kept, maintained or operated in connection with any business or establishment so as to occasion any nuisance, or so as to be dangerous to life or detrimental to health.
   (B)   Unsafe Or Unhealthful Business:
      1.   No building or structure, utilized, constructed, or maintained in connection with any business or occupation, shall evidence an unsanitary, unsafe, or dangerous condition.
      2.   No substance, matter or thing of any kind whatever, which shall be dangerous or detrimental to health, shall be allowed to exist in connection with any business or occupation, or be used in any work or labor performed in the Village. (Ord. 75-O-41, 12-17-1975)
   (C)   Refuse Disposal: All refuse generated by any business or occupation shall be disposed of in accordance with the provisions of this Code. The failure to dispose of refuse as provided for in this Code shall constitute a nuisance. (Ord. 87-O-44, 10-26-1987)