4-1-4: DUTIES:
The building official shall be in charge of all building and zoning activities including, but not limited to, Code enforcement, and design and construction of public improvements. In addition to those duties assigned by the Village Board or the Village Administrator, the building official shall:
   (A)   Supervise the activities of the Building and Zoning Secretary, and all employed and consultant building, plumbing, electrical and mechanical inspectors;
   (B)   Work in conjunction with, the Village Planning Consultant, Village Engineer Consultant, Village Code Enforcement Consultant and Village Building Code Consultant as otherwise provided for in this Code;
   (C)   Provide input to the Village Planning Consultant and review recommendations on annexations and subdivisions with other Village staff;
   (D)   Contribute to the decision-making process of the engineering, design, supervision and construction of all public improvements including, but not limited to, paving, sidewalks, storm drainage systems, water supply and distribution systems, traffic control and other Municipal engineering improvements;
   (E)   Engage in on site supervision of construction of public improvements as well as on-site inspection of subdivision construction;
   (F)   Submit technical engineering reports, ordinances and regulations as required;
   (G)   Conduct preconstruction conferences with contractors and subdividers to coordinate work and inspection and to secure proper understanding of zoning, building, construction and other related requirements;
   (H)   Contribute to the decision-making process for community development in a timely fashion to assist the Village Administrator and the Village Board in decision making processes;
   (I)   Contribute to the decision-making process of the Plan Commission through the investigation, preparation and distribution of reports as needed;
   (J)   Interface with the Plan Commission and Village Planner so as to facilitate the exchange of information and its presentation to the Village Board;
   (K)   Implement Village plans and policies by encouraging and assisting annexation of unincorporated property;
   (L)   Review, process, approve or reject all applications for special event permits in the Village. All requests to sponsor or conduct special events shall be on application forms approved by the Village Administrator. Completed special event applications shall be submitted to the Municipal Services Department with a non-refundable $50.00 application fee.
   (M)   Perform such other duties and functions as shall from time to time be provided for in this Code. (Ord. 19-O-23, 8-26-2019; amd. Ord. 21-O-40, 8-9-2021)