3-13-14: PENALTY:
   (A)   Penalty: Any person who violates, neglects or refuses to comply, or assists in the violation of, any of the provisions of this chapter, or of any order, solicitation permit, or notice issued pursuant hereto, shall be fined not more than seven hundred and fifty dollars ($750.00) for each such violation. Each day such violation continues shall constitute a separate offense. The chief of police shall give written notice to any such person of any such violation by serving a citation in person or by certified U.S. mail, return receipt requested.
   (B)   Payment Without Prosecution: Within ten (10) days after the date of the citation, any person served with a citation issued by the chief of police pursuant to subsection (a) of this section may avoid prosecution for the violation(s) identified in the citation by surrendering the citation to the chief of police and by paying at the same time to the Village of Willowbrook a fine in the sum of fifty dollars ($50.00). (Ord. 21-O-41, 9-13-2021)