3-13-10: REVOCATION:
The chief of police shall immediately revoke any solicitation permit issued pursuant to this chapter if the chief of police determines that the solicitor is in violation of any of the provisions or requirements of this chapter or of the solicitation permit issued pursuant hereto, or if the solicitor made a false material statement in the application or otherwise becomes disqualified for the issuance of a solicitation permit under the terms of this chapter. Immediately after such revocation, the chief of police shall take custody of the solicitation permit. The chief of police shall give written notice of the revocation to the solicitor as soon as practicable thereafter, in the form of a citation that states the reason for the permit revocation, or such other form approved by the chief of police that clearly states the reason for such revocation. The chief of police shall serve the citation or other form of notice on the solicitor in person or by certified U.S. mail, return receipt requested, addressed to the residence address set forth in the solicitor’s application. The permit shall become null and void immediately on service of the notice of revocation as provided in this section. (Ord. 21-O-41, 9-13-2021)