Within one hundred twenty (120) days after the close of the company's fiscal year, the company shall submit a written annual report in a form approved by the Village. Such report shall include, without limitation, the following information:
   (A)   A copy of the company's annual report, if any, and its parent company's annual report;
   (B)   A list of the company's officers, members of its board of directors, and any general partners of the company;
   (C)   A list of stockholders or other equity investors holding five percent (5%) or more of the voting interest in the company and its parent;
   (D)   A list of residential areas in the company's service area where service is not available, and a schedule for providing service, if applicable;
   (E)   A verified annual financial statement which shall accurately present the company's annual gross revenues for the twelve (12) month period and all franchise fee payments for the twelve (12) month period;
   (F)   Current subscriber manual or handbook and related materials, any rules and procedures published by the company for I-Net users. (Ord. 00-O-12, 5-8-2000)