(A)   Village Codes And Permits: The company shall comply with all applicable Village Construction Codes, permit procedures and ordinances regulating public ways. The Village shall be entitled to charge reasonable permit and inspection fees to recover the special nonrecurring inspection costs imposed by the construction or rebuild of the cable system. Any fees or charges paid, so long as generally applicable to entities, including, but not limited to, like users of the public right- of-way and not discriminatory, shall be paid in addition to the franchise fee.
   (B)   Compliance With Safety Codes: All construction practices shall be in accordance with all applicable sections of Federal and State Occupational Safety and Health Acts and any amendments thereto as well as all State and local codes where applicable.
   (C)   Compliance With Codes: All installation of electronic equipment shall be of a permanent nature, durable and installed in accordance with the provisions of the National Electrical Code, the National Electrical Safety Code, the Illinois Commerce Commission's Rules for Construction of Electric Power and Communication Lines, and all applicable Federal, State and local codes.
   (D)   Construction Standards And Requirements: All of the company's plant and equipment, including, but not limited to, the antenna site, headend and distribution system, towers, house connections, structures, poles, wire, cable, coaxial cable, fiber optic cable, fixtures and appurtenances, shall be installed, located, erected, constructed, rebuilt, replaced, removed, repaired, maintained, and operated in accordance with good engineering practices, so as not to unnecessarily hinder or obstruct pedestrian or vehicular traffic.
      1.   Initial Construction Or System Rebuild Communications: During the initial construction or rebuild of the cable system, the company shall provide advance written notice to residents when performing construction in the public easements, utility easements or otherwise on private property in the area in which they live, utilizing door hangers, letters or bill stuffers.
      2.   Other Construction Communications: The company shall provide advance written or other notice to residents when performing scheduled system construction in the public easements, utility easements or otherwise on the resident's private property. Said notice may utilize door hangers, letters, bill stuffers or personal communication from a company representative to a resident. Further, the company shall use its best efforts to notify residents when performing nonscheduled system construction, including unanticipated work associated with a service call or service interruption.
   (E)   Safety, Nuisance Requirements: The company shall at all times employ ordinary care and shall install and maintain in use commonly accepted methods and devices preventing failures and accidents which are likely to cause damage, injury or nuisance to the public.
   (F)   Personnel: The company is responsible for all of its personnel, including its contractors, agents, employees and subcontractors engaged in system construction and maintenance.
   (G)   General Duties: The company shall, before commencing any construction in the public ways, comply with all requirements of JULIE. (Ord. 00-O-12, 5-8-2000)