The Village acting alone or acting jointly with other franchising authorities, may exercise or delegate regulatory responsibility, including, but not limited to, the following areas:
   (A)   Administering and enforcing the provisions of the cable television franchise(s).
   (B)   Coordination of the operation of public, educational and government access channels and facilities.
   (C)   Providing technical, programming and operational support to public agency users, such as government departments, schools and health care institutions.
   (D)   Establishing procedures and standards for use of channels dedicated to PEG access use, if provided for in any franchise agreement.
   (E)   Planning expansion and growth of public benefit cable services.
   (F)   Analyzing the possibility of integrating cable communications with other local, State or national telecommunications networks.
   (G)   Formulating and recommending long-range telecommunications policy. (Ord. 00-O-12, 5-8-2000)