13-1-3: PURPOSES:
The purposes of this chapter are:
   (A)   To establish franchise procedures and standards which encourage the growth and development of cable systems within the Village of Willowbrook and which assure that cable systems are responsive to the needs and interests of the local community;
   (B)   To assure that the Village can continue to fairly and responsibly protect the public health, safety and welfare;
   (C)   To establish a local policy concerning cable communications;
   (D)   To promote competition in cable television service;
   (E)   To establish local authority with respect to the regulation of cable systems to ensure that any cable operator will abide by all local ordinances, rules and regulations;
   (F)   To provide for the development of cable communications as a means of communication for and between the citizens and the public institutions of the Village of Willowbrook;
   (G)   To provide for the payment of franchise fees to the Village for the use of the Village streets and public ways in the construction and operation of a cable communications system, and to compensate the Village, to the extent permitted by law, for costs both directly related and incidental to the awarding of the cable television franchise;
   (H)   To provide for remedies and to prescribe penalties for violations of this chapter and for any and all franchise agreements granted hereunder;
   (I)   To provide for consumer protection in regard to the construction and operation of a cable system;
   (J)   To provide for the regulation, where allowed, of rates and fees charged by a company under this chapter; and
   (K)   To ensure that cable television subscribers receive high quality cable communications service. (Ord. 00-O-12, 5-8-2000)