As used herein, the word "amusement" shall include both participative and exhibitive entertainment, including, but not by way of limitation, the following activities and sports: any theatrical, dramatic, musical or spectacular performance; motion picture show; flower, poultry or animal show; carnival; amusement park rides; animal act; circus; rodeo; athletic contest, sport or game, including boxing, wrestling, skating, dancing, swimming, racing or riding animals or vehicles, baseball, basketball, softball, football, tennis, racquetball, handball, golf, hockey, track and field games, soccer, rugby, bowling, billiards and pool games, including the giving of lessons or demonstrations of any of the above described activities characterized as amusements in this section. The word "amusement" shall also include the use of amusement devices, as that word is defined in the provisions of this Code regulating amusement devices. (Ord. 77-O-10, 2-28-1977; amd. Ord. 77-O-40, 12-12-1977; Ord. 98-O-10, 3-9-1998)