(a)   "Modified exhaust system" means an exhaust system in which the original noise abatement devices have been physically altered causing them to be less effective in reducing noise or the original noise abatement devices have either been removed or replaced by noise abatement devices which are not as effective in reducing noise as the original devices, or devices have been added to the original noise abatement devices such that noise levels are increased.
   (b)   "Business district" means any office building, local retail, and business districts as set forth in Chapter 1141.
   (c)   "Construction" means any site preparation, assembly, erection, substantial repair, alteration or similar action; but excluding demolition for, or on, public or private rights of way, structures, utilities or similar property.
   (d)   "Demolition" means any dismantling or intentional destruction or removal of structures, utilities, public or private right-of-way surfaces, or similar property.
   (e)   "Emergency" means any occurrence or set of circumstances involving actual or imminent physical trauma or property damage or loss which demands immediate action.
   (f)   "Emergency work" means any work performed for the purpose of preventing or alleviating the physical trauma or property damage threatened or caused by an emergency.
   (g)   "Light motor vehicle" means any automobile, van, motorcycle, motor driven cycle, motor scooter, dune buggy, snowmobile, all terrain vehicle, go-carts, mini-bikes, trail bikes or trucks with gross vehicular weight of less than 8,000 pounds.
   (h)   "Motor vehicle" means every vehicle defined as a motor vehicle in the City Traffic Code.
   (i)   "Motorcycle" means every vehicle defined as a motorcycle in the City Traffic Code.
   (j)   "Motorized bicycle" means every vehicle defined as a motorized bicycle in the City Traffic Code.
   (k)   "Noise" means any sound which annoys or disturbs humans or which causes or tends to cause an adverse psychological or physiological effect on humans.
   (l)   "Noise disturbance" means any sound which endangers or injures the safety or health of humans or animals; annoys or disturbs a reasonable person of normal sensitivities; or endangers or injures personal or real property.
   (m)   "Person" means any individual, association, partnership, or corporation and includes any officer, employee, department, agency or instrumentality of a state or any political subdivision of a state.
   (n)   "Place of public entertainment" means any commercial facility open to the general public for purposes of entertainment.
   (o)   "Powered model vehicle" means any self-propelled airborne, waterborne, or land borne plane, vessel, or vehicle which is not designated to carry persons including, but not limited to, any model airplane, boat, car or rocket.
   (p)   "Public right of way" means any street, avenue, boulevard, highway, sidewalk or alley.
   (q)   "Real property boundary" means an imaginary line along the ground surface, and its vertical extension, which separates the real property owned by one person from that owned by another person.
   (r)   "Residential area" means single family, two-family and multi-family zoning district classifications as set forth in Chapters 1131 and 1135 of the Codified Ordinances.
   (s)   "Sound" means an oscillation in pressure, particle displacement, particle velocity, or other physical parameter, in a medium with internal or external forces that cause compression and rarefaction of that medium, and which propagates at finite speed to distant points. The description of sound may include any characteristic of such sound, including duration, intensity and frequency.
(Ord. 1985-97. Passed 6-4-85.)